Bicycle Import Figures Point to New Record Year

May was another very strong month for bicycle imports into Australia. 63,782 children’s bicycles and 84,724 adult bicycles were imported during May.

This brings the total for the first 11 months of the 2012/13 financial year to 1,329,323 bicycles. This is already more than the final totals for each of the previous three financial years. It is only 5,119 bicycles short of the biggest year on record, which was the last pre ‘global financial crisis’ year of 2007/08.

If the figures for June match the average of the past three years, then they will total approximately 90,000 bicycles, giving a financial year total for 2012/13 of approximately 1,420,000.

Most of the growth has been in adult bicycles, which are at record levels. Children’s bicycles are up slightly on last year, but they were higher in 2009/10.

Australian Customs collect bicycle import figures which are then collated by Bicycle Industries Australia (BIA). Full data including comparison tables and charts are made available to BIA members only. BIA have kindly permitted us to publish summary figures and commentary when each new month’s data is released.