Bicycle Imports Remain Near Record Levels

Bicycle imports into Australia for the December quarter were strong, both in terms of units and dollar value.

In October 54,116 kids bikes and 98,735 adult bikes were imported, which was down slightly on previous years.

But November was the biggest month on record with a total of 215,402  bikes being imported, composed of 67,701 kids bikes and 147,701 adult bikes. December was stronger than average with 28,663 kids bikes and 82,419 adult bikes being reported.

In total, this meant that the 2013 calendar year was the second highest on record behind 2007. In total 1,365,864 bikes were imported during 2013. This is 8,271 units up on 2012 which was the previous second highest year on record.

The break down of adult bikes vs kids bikes remains unchanged for three calendar years at 67% to 33% respectively.

Whilst 2013 did not quite reach 2007 in terms of units imported, it was by far the highest year to date in terms of import value, as measured by customs documents.

In total $239,441,523 worth of bicycles were imported at an average unit value of $172.96.

This compares to $165,878,027 at a unit value of $116.18 in 2007.

Of course, import figures only tell one part of the story. As there are no aggregated sales figures or stock holdings figures available at either retail or wholesale level we cannot say if the increase in imports has flowed through to an increase in sales.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that some brands are overstocked as discounting of 2014 model year bikes is already well underway.

Australian Customs collect bicycle import figures which are then collated by Bicycle Industries Australia (BIA). Full data including comparison tables and charts are made available to BIA members only. BIA have kindly permitted us to publish summary figures and commentary when new data is released.