Latest Bicycle Imports Up Slightly

Bicycle imports for the month of March 2014 were up very slightly on the same month last year. A total of 47,212 bicycles were imported, comprising 12,026 children’s bicycles and 35,186 adult bicycles.

This compares with 15,058 children’s bicycles, 29,709 adult bicycles, giving a total of 44,767 for March 2013.

The three months of February, March and April are usually the quietest of every year in terms of bicycle imports, coming after the Christmas / summer season, but before new model year stock starts landing in May.

In total, for the first nine months of this financial year, 1,067,980 bicycles have been imported, which is down by 57,659 units on last year’s record number, but still the second highest financial year to date.

Australian Customs collect bicycle import figures which are then collated by Bicycle Industries Australia (BIA). Full data including comparison tables and charts are made available to BIA members only. BIA has kindly permitted us to publish summary figures and commentary when each new month’s data is released.