‘Rubbery Figures’ for E-bike Imports Leads to Upcoming Teleconference

Since July last year, Bicycle Industries Australia (BIA) has been reporting on Australian Customs data that includes how many e-bikes have been imported into Australia.

For what they are worth, the raw numbers are:

July 2014  1,094
Aug 2014  524
Sep 2014  3,854
Oct 2014  2,003
Nov 2014  4,711
Dec 2014  4,160
Jan 2015  1,405
Feb 2015  3,301
Mar 2015  1,443
Apr 2015  1,852 

The problem with this data is that the Australian Customs category is this vague and rather quaint description, ‘Motorcycles (incl. mopeds) and cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor, with our without sidecars.’

This category specifically excludes bicycles and motorcycles with petrol powered motors, but there are now electric motorcycles as well as Segways and electric scooters that would come under this category, in addition to ebikes.

Like ebikes, electric motorcycles are also a small but growing category with at least one Australian motorcycle retailer that only sells electric models now trading.

Bicycle Industries Australia (BIA) has set up a teleconference meeting to address the lack of ebike data and other issues related to ebikes. The meeting will run for one hour on Wednesday 22nd July from 2pm to 3pm Eastern Standard Time.

As well as talking about collecting accurate import statistics for ebikes the meeting will also discuss any future guidelines for the specification of ebikes and the possibility of promoting the ebike category on a collective basis.

The full draft agenda is:

1.    Future of En15194 - and possible replacement by an ISO standard
2.    Development of an Australian E-bike standard
       - legal requirement and separate to national import laws and state road laws
3.    Promotion of E-bikes
       - including E-bike promotion at Sydney Rides Festival (Oct 10/11)
       - general e-bike promotion
4.    Training of bike mechanics
       - development of a training package for e-bike mechanics
5.    Future national legislation - including speed pedalecs
6.    E-Bike sales data

To date about 20 companies are intending to take part in this teleconference. If you’re a current or intending importer of ebikes and would like to take part, then contact pbourke@cyclingpromotion.com.au