Import Stats

December 2012 continued the nine month unbroken run of bicycle imports being higher than the corresponding month of the previous year. 129,424 bikes were imported to Australia in December broken down into 28,487 children’s bicycles and 100,947 adult bicycles.

A new bike shop has opened in Sydney full of very old fashioned looking bicycles. It’s called ‘Omafiets’ (pronounced ‘O-ma-fee-etts’) which means ‘grandma bike’ in Dutch.

October saw 190,566 bicycles imported into Australia, comprising 54,403 Children’s and 136,163 Adult bicycles.

Bicycle imports are continuing their upward trend from last year. In August, 134,603 bikes were imported, up from 130,788 for August 2012. September also saw a slight year on year rise, 172,463 units compared to 167,454 last year.

Bicycle imports into Australia for July 2012 totaled 123,122 units, the largest July figure for at least the last four years. Both adult and children's bike imports were up in July.