On January 2 an elderly man drove his car through the front window of the Giant Store in Adelaide's Hindmarsh Square.

The man in his 80s, thought his car was in reverse, and hit the accelerator instead of the brake when the car lunged forward. The car took out a bollard and smashed through the $30,000 glass sliding door as well as 20 high-end MTBs worth around $150,000 on its way to the sales counter.

Fortunately there were no customers or staff injured in the accident, though one female staff member did have to jump out of the path of the car. 

Giant store assistant manager,Sean Reynolds, said the staff member was shaken up and had gone home while the driver and his wife were both treated for shock by paramedics.

Mr Reynolds said the car wheels were still spinning when he got to the car, as the stunned driver still had his foot flat to the floor,  so he reached in to turn off the engine. 

“We pulled the bikes off the car, (the car) just scooped them all up and shoved them up against the counter,” he said.

“The bollard was stuck under the car, it didn’t offer a great deal of resistance. I was hoping they would stop anything coming in.”

“All our computers (on the counter) were smashed."

“Our office behind that wall is all banged up, even the desk behind that wall is being pushed out, he just kept coming in with his foot to the floor.”