With the newly released MAMIL film gaining so much attention in mainstream media and across the cycling market, there will likley be increased demand for those brands and products which are associated with the movie.

Light and camera brand Cycliq, has long had a safety focus. They have seen some clear synergy with the movie and moved to partner with them. They released the following statement earlier this week.

February, 2018 - Perth, Australia: Cycliq are proud to announce their new partnership with Demand Film, joining as the Global Presentation Partner of MAMIL – the documentary exposé on the secret world of middle-aged men in Lycra (MAMILs).

Described as “Witty, insightful, poignant and thoroughly entertaining”, the MAMIL movie also brings to light important themes that are at the core of the cycling community, such as road safety. Cycliq’s mission is to make cycling safer and improve experiences for all road users, making the new partnership with Demand Film an ideal fit.

The market-leading bike camera brand launched two new ‘Connected Edition (CE)’ dashcams at the end of last year, the Fly6 CE and Fly12 CE, in their quest to boost cyclists’ safety worldwide.

Cycliq came to life four years ago when its co-founder Kingsley Fiegert was hit with a ball bearing fired from a slingshot, while cycling in the Perth Hills in his native Australia. Kingsley was injured and distressed, so started to think about how something like this could be deterred in the future. After much research, hard work, and a successful campaign on Kickstarter, the Fly6 was born.

MAMIL is a feature-length documentary that enters the recondite world of middle-aged men in Lycra to uncover the reasons why they take to the road. Narrated by professional cycling commentary legend Phil Liggett, MAMIL uncovers the world of the Lycra lifestyle and raises awareness of important issues such as mental health and road safety.

Chris Singleton, Chief Executive of Cycliq, said: “Supporting a film that raises awareness of the issues that cyclists face every time they ride was an easy decision to make. Partnering with MAMIL is a great way to showcase our Fly range of bike cameras to MAMILs around the world.”

David Doepel, CEO of Demand Film, said: “We are thrilled with the partnership and the innovative ideas the collaboration with Cycliq has produced. In particular, ‘’, which draws inspiration from the filmmaking style of the director Nick Bird, and gives the cycling public the chance to share their own video moments with the world. We also strongly believe that the film can create empathy and insight for the non-cycling community and fellow road users.”
MAMIL will be in selected cinemas throughout Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and USA from Wednesday, 21st February. Tickets need to be reserved in advance at Demand.Film.

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About Cycliq
Cycliq is a consumer technology company that produces electronic safety accessories for cyclists. Their leading range of integrated bike cameras includes the rear-facing Fly6 CE and front-facing Fly12 CE.

Cycliq’s bike cameras are highly engineered with multiple safety functions to give cyclists peace of mind so they can enjoy their ride. The design emphasis focuses on four principal components: video; lights; battery; and utility. The video (with audio) allows users to record rides with the added benefit of audio whether for training, competition, travel or the daily commute. In the event of an incident, the cameras act as dashcams; recording all that happens for later viewing after the ride. The powerful lights are for increased visibility and safety. Cycliq engineered the batteries to be small enough to support the compact design, yet last up to 8 hours — longer than most rides. The products are simple to use and durable enough to survive all sorts of weather conditions.

Cycliq’s aim is to produce a durable digital trip recording device for all cyclists at an affordable price. The long-term goal is to see bike cameras as an everyday piece of cycling equipment along with the helmet, sunglasses and water bottle.

The Fly range keeps an eye on the road so that cyclists can enjoy the journey. For more information about Cycliq, please visit

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