Cofidis, Solutions Crédits’ has kicked of its 22nd campaign by reinforcing its strengths and upgrading its technical side with new Michelin-equipped bicycles.

They released this announcement earlier this week.

Cofidis, Solutions Crédits is one of the 22 teams that have been invited to take part in July’s Tour de France and, along with its new technical partner Michelin, has high hopes not only for the 105th running of the French classic but also for such top international fixtures.
The Lille-based squad’s bicycles will compete on MICHELIN Power tyres. The new MICHELIN Power range is the fruit of Michelin’s bicycle tyre expertise and packs many of the latest technological breakthroughs that have been developed by the group, with experts at the French fi rm’s Technology Centre focusing on three areas that are key to success in professional bicycle road racing, namely: Grip, Low rolling resistance, Resistance to perforation.
The partnership will permit Michelin and Cofidis, Solutions Crédits to work on co-development projects within the framework of the highly exacting world of bicycle road racing. Michelin will notably benefi t from the skills of the team’s riders to test its tyres across a broad spectrum of conditions, while the fi rm’s engineers will be able to work in close collaboration with staff at Cofidis, Solutions Crédits to provide the team with advanced solutions.
“Using bicycle racing in this way as a full-scale laboratory in association with a partner that is capable of fighting at the very top will help Michelin to accelerate the introduction of new high-performance tyres,” says Ulrike Ristau-Hutter, manager of Michelin’s bicycle tyre division. “To be able to put our innovations through their paces in such exacting conditions while benefitting from the experience of these outstanding athletes is a considerable asset for the Michelin Group’s bicycle tyre division.”
"We are delighted with this partnership,” says Cédric Vasseur, Sporting Director, Cofi dis, Solutions Crédits.
“Michelin is much more than a tyre supplier to Cofidis, Solutions Crédits. It is also a partner with a long history of innovation and bicycle racing experience. Thanks to its knowhow, our riders will benefi t from the fi nest tyres for all types of conditions. Together, I am sure that we will succeed in shining on the world stage.”