Once predominantly a component manufacturer 3T has evolved to now produce bicycles such as the Strada and the Exploro. 3T released this statement earlier this week.

3T is opening a new chapter in Australia with the appointment of a new distributor, FE Sports.

Starting May 1, FE Sports will become the unique source of 3T products, including the award winning Exploro and Strada cyces and framesets.

It's a major change for the Italian firm, which since it re-launched in 2007, has worked with Echelon Sports.

"From the get-go Chrtis and his team at Echelon Sports worked extremely hard putting 3T back on the radar of Australian cyclists," says 3T CEO Rene Wiertz. "They've played a major part in making 3T the go-to component brand for savvy cyclists."

"Since the arrival of our Strada and Exploro bikes, 3T has moved into a new phase of our existence. These award-winning bikes need a different approach to what is required with comoponents. Chris and I discussed this carefully over a period of time and eventually agreed that both companies focus are no longer 100% in the same direction in regard to bikes and frames so we both decided to move forward to go in a different direction.

"Echelon is committed to enabling us to ensure a smooth transition to FE Sports; dealers should not experience any discontinuity for their customers in Australia in the next couple of months - they should continue to enjoy the same outstanding service as they always have from Echelon.

"At the same time I'd like to record my personal thanks to Chris and his team at Echelon Sports for all the hard work over the last 10 years, which has seen our business relationship develop into one of mutual respect and friendship."