Australia’s largest cycling organisation, Bicycle Network which has approximately 50,000 members, is about to cease publishing their magazine, Ride On. The last issue will be mailed out in late June.

Ride On which has been published under its current name and format for 13 years, was also sold via subscription to non-Bicycle Network members and via newsagencies.

In making the announcement, Bicycle Network said, “As we work hard to deliver our final edition of Ride On magazine, Bicycle Network would like to thank everyone who has been part of it over its journey – from readers to contributors, producers, advertisers and subscribers.

“With millions riding their bikes each week and many more about to start, the timing is right to shift our focus, align our communications and strengthen our ability to set the agenda, rather than being driven by print deadlines.

“Online media provides us with the perfect low-cost and sustainable channel to make a big impact.”

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