Bosch eBike systems are now integrated with 70 bicycle brands worldwide, including more than 20 here in Australia. This significant market share has them in a powerful position to capture sales in the coming electrified and connected future of cycling.

However Bosch is very aware that without confidence in being able to service a product, dealers will be hesitant to stock the product in the first place. So between March 9 and May 10 there will be six workshops to train dealers, where they can learn the simple processes of servicing Bosch eBikes. 

Bosch's strong commitment to providing support for dealers is clearly evident. Their service team has simple and effective systems in place, including a service hotline for dealers to access help and information quickly and easily, and solid training programmes to ensure dealers are fully up to speed with servicing Bosch powered bikes.

I spoke with Fouad Bennini, General Manager of Bosch eBike Systems, Asia Pacific, to discuss the growth of Bosch in the eBike space and how they see the brand moving forward in Australia. Forecast growth of the brand in the ANZ region has required assessment of servicing systems, and found in particular that a larger more geographically dispersed service agent was needed to cope with the proportional increase in servicing volumes.

Mr Bennini said dealers will see no change in servicing procedure and wanted assure dealers of a seamless transition. "The service hotline phone number will remain unchanged, and dealers will see the same high level of service as before".

The electronic technology in an eBike may have some dealers a little spooked, however the service hotline will remain unchanged, and their diagnostic tools and the modular build of a Bosch powered eBike, mean that a single day's training will have dealers ready to rollout ebike sales and service. 

2018 will be the third year the Bosch service training camps have run...a clear indication that both dealers and Bosch themselves are seeing value in the process.

This year's workshops will arm dealers with everything they need to know ahead of the new, season, including insights on sales, consulting, service and maintenance techniques to help them provide a first class eBike service. Specifically, the six hour, hands on sessions will cover:

  • Latest innovations in detail
  • Hands on installation and removal of components
  • Service offers and processing
  • Functions of the diagnostic tool
  • Expert tips on operation, diagnostics and correcting problems
  • Extra information and tips on maintenance, safety, legal matters and recycling

A video glimpse of the training days is shown in this quick youtube clip

Mr Bennini said he wanted to thank their former service partner, Eurocycle for their good work and continuing strong relationship, and that he is looking forward to working with SOLA Sport as the new service agent for Australia and New Zealand.