• Dave Mohr (image from a previous article in the Australian Financial Review)
    Dave Mohr (image from a previous article in the Australian Financial Review)

Brand and sales manager for Queensland based wholesaler FE Sports Dave Mohr has decided to move on from the bike industry after a long career spanning three different bicycle companies.

Dave has worked at FE Sports for five years where he’s also had involvement in the selection and positioning of new brands and how they were taken to market.

“When I went there about 92% of their business was Garmin,” he recalled. “Now it’s under 30%. So the business has grown quite a bit in that time through taking on new brands and product ranges. “Wahoo and Stages have been our big growth brands,” he said. “They don’t have warranty problems and dealers make good margins.”

Prior to FE Sports, Dave was with Specialized Australia for four years, dating back to its establishment in Australia. Before that he was at Echelon Sports for about five years.

Dave’s only plans going forward revolve around things outside the bike industry. “First I’m going to take a break. I’m getting married in September,” he enthused.

“I might end up doing something with Gary McDonald, the founder of Paint My Bike, which is now owned by FE Sports and Gary is doing other things. He’s always got something on the go.

“I live on the Gold Coast and a mate I go riding with has got about 10 car yards. I might do something with him. But I haven’t talked to either of them about this, I need a rest first. I’ve had enough of the stress and the pressure. It’s not the hours at the office, it’s also commuting each day from the Gold Coast to Brisbane. Plus it’s that at 2pm on a Saturday you’re still thinking about positioning of Wahoo Kickr’s. You don’t turn off – or I don’t anyway, whether it’s 2pm on Friday or 2pm on Sunday.

“I think that’s the thing that catches up with you. You’ve got to learn to turn off!”

Dave was speaking to Bicycling Trade just days after a health scare saw him in hospital. He was happy for us to share his personal health news as a warning to others in the bicycle industry to pay heed to the warning signs of work related stress.

He revealed, “I knew it was coming and Jacqui Mengler my fiancé has been warning me to give up work for probably six months. She said, ‘It’s killing you!’ quite literally.”

Dave went to hospital with chest pains suffered during a very leisurely bike ride, thinking that he’d had a heart attack. Fortunately, this was not the case, but the doctors said his problems were stress related.

Dave will officially finish at FE Sports at the end of this financial year.

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