KASK has just announced that they will be opening an office in Melbourne from October 2017.

“A press release explained, “All products from KASK’s Cycling Division have been available in Australia and New Zealand since 2010 from their local distributor under the certification AS/NZS 2063. From October, KASK will work directly with stores to deliver KASK and KOO to one of the southern hemisphere's most important and expanding territories. In the lead up to October, stores will continue to be serviced by the current distributor - Italiatech.

“KASK’s Cycling Division is part of KASK Australia, which was set up in 2014 in Sydney. The office was initially only dedicated to KASK’s Safety and Ski Divisions with the Equestrian Division joining in 2016. The addition of the KASK Cycling Division means that KASK can now offer comprehensive service and supply to customers in the region.

“KASK Cycling in Australia will have a team dedicated to sales, marketing and events, with a focus on customer communication and logistics. Stock and availability of models will be increased and KASK will now meet directly with cycling enthusiasts at local events and demo days, deepening KASK’s understanding of the Australian and New Zealand cycling market, and helping the customers’ understanding of KASK’s cycling products.

“The goal of this dedicated KASK office is to guarantee the best quality of service to both stores and customers. After the formation of KASK America in 2010, KASK in Australia sees a very important step for KASK globally.

“Angelo Gotti, CEO at KASK said: “The Australasian market is of huge importance to us and we look forward to interacting more directly with the Australian and New Zealand market, improving both our service and offering.”

“KASK support High 5 Dream Team who will be wearing KASK helmets and KOO eyewear for the 2017 season, testing them at the highest level in events like Tour of the South West and Mersey Valley Tour.

“KASK and KOO also work closely with IsoWhey Sports Swiss Wellness Racing Team, Australia's number one Continental and NRS team who will be focusing on the National Road Series and races including The Tour of Japan.”