Lusty Industries this week announced their distribution of DEITY across Australia:

The Deity brand has seen a huge revamp in the past 12 months, redesigning their range from the ground up and taking their product to the next level. What hasn’t changed is DEITY’s unrelenting commitment to their customers, riders and product development; a commitment shared by Lusty Industries.

“The DEITY legacy is built on a foundation of passion for our sport and the riders that make our community so extraordinary. Putting the rider experience and safety first requires persistent refinement and dedication to bringing the best products to market. DEITY products exceed industry standards because our badass team never stops pushing the limits of what is possible on a mountain bike! As DEITY expands its global reach, Lusty Industries is the perfect match. We share authenticity, a passion for racing, and industry leading customer service….while having fun in the process. Lusty Industries is the perfect partner to represent DEITY in Australia, and we’re excited for what the future holds!” said Eric Davis of Deity

“I’m super stoked to represent DEITY in Australia, Eric and Sadie believe in the same values as Lusty Industries by building bad ass product, supporting IBD (Independent Bikes Shops) and having a killer team of staff and athletes. We look forward to a long term successful partnership together” said Johnny Mclean Founder and Director of Lusty Industries.

DEITY is available now from your local IBD. See for more information.