The Morvelo brand, which started out 10 years ago with only £500 and a box of t-shirts, has always appealed to every rider, from road to mountain bike, cyclocross to track, hence their tagline 'Ride Everything'. With their distinctive designs and fun-loving ethos, Morvélo mix a creative action sports mentality with five star, award winning cycling apparel that offers a fresh alternative to the normal brands.
"Our background is as graphic designers and art directors for board sports and lifestyle brands, so 10 years ago we decided to mix this with our lifelong passion of riding and racing all types of bikes and came up with Morvélo." co-founder Oli Pepper told Bicycling Trade. "Bike riding to us is about good times, thrashing the life out of two wheels and not taking yourself too seriously. Our clothing and brand represents this vibrant and inclusive ethos. We have several exciting new collections in development which really move cycle apparel into a completely new and exciting direction." explains Dave Marcar, the other co-founder.
“The Australian market has not really been pushed due to our developments in other areas. With international sales accounting for 50% of our revenue; we believe the time is right for a major player in the trade to take on the brand as a distribution partner, with major margins on sales, AND key dealers may also be able to do the same,” he concluded.
Interested distributors, dealer or partners can contact the brand's director at: