• PW Series SE
    PW Series SE
  • PWX
  • Cross Core
    Cross Core
  • Cross Connect
    Cross Connect
  • YDX Torc
    YDX Torc
  • Urban Rush
    Urban Rush
  • Yamaha prototype 1989
    Yamaha prototype 1989

Yamaha Motor Corp USA last week announced a range of ebikes including price and spec that will be distributed in north America. The range includes the Cross Core, a flatbar hybrid at $2400, and the Cross Connect a light hardtail with suspension fork at $3,000.

 There is also the YDX Torca  trail oriented 27.5inch MTB with a RockShox Recon fork at $3500, and a 19.5 kilo alloy framed road bicycle named the Urban Rush priced at $3300 ($US prices)

While the hybrid, the light hardtail and the road bike are all powered by Yamaha's PWSeries SE centre mount motor with  nominal power of 250W and max power of 500W, the trail eMTB is powered by their PW-X motorand has an extra 10Nm of torque.

All the eBikes feature Yamaha's triple sensor system, their power management module that continually senses the rider's power input, pedalling cadence and bike speed to be able to very smoothly deliver the appropriate level of power assistance. 

Yamaha is credited with having created the first electrically powered bicycle in 1993. They have been developing it ever since.

We have approached Yamaha Australia for comment on Yamaha's plans to bring eBikes to Australia.