Grumpy ponders the market life cycle of cycles, with and without motors.

Big brother (or maybe your partner) is watching you...the mobile phone is where the start of the problem arose.

The grumpy old man tees off at dodgy drivers.

Buying a relevant and acceptable Christmas present is at times a challenge. What do you get the grumpy old man who has everything?

You never know when a $12 helmet will come in handy.

Packaging ain't what it used to be.

An ode to internal hub gears.

The Grumpy Old Man ponders future proofing the LBD workforce.

The grumpy old man looks back over his time in the industry and ponders its future.

Grumpy takes aim at the hire bike businesses

Raging man flu, magpies and an anti-anti-helmet laws rant...the old man leaves no stone unturned.

The Grumpy Old Man returns! Going forward we'll have a monthly contribution from the old boy for you to look forward to.

After 27 years it’s time for me to change careers. I’ll be leaving Yaffa Media from 30th June 2017.

As you can read elsewhere on Bicycling Trade, Pon.bike’s parent company, Pon Holdings has just launched the most expensive takeover bid in the history of the global cycling industry.