Raging man flu, magpies and an anti-anti-helmet laws rant...the old man leaves no stone unturned.

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After 27 years it’s time for me to change careers. I’ll be leaving Yaffa Media from 30th June 2017.

As you can read elsewhere on Bicycling Trade, Pon.bike’s parent company, Pon Holdings has just launched the most expensive takeover bid in the history of the global cycling industry.

The final stage of this year’s Santos Tour Down Under also marked the final day of twisting around on the back of a motorbike for British cycling photographer Graham Watson.

The ‘dead’ day on the Monday twixt the Sunday kermesse (it is technically not a criterium) and the Tuesday TDU start could be utilised for a cyclocross. There has to be a park in Adelaide big enough and it would introduce cross to many.

I love the newsletter. It helps us see the bigger picture, which is hard when you're open seven days and don't get much chance to see what else is happening in the world.

Without doubt the biggest news story of 2016 has been Donald Trump’s victory last week in the US presidential elections.

Editor’s Note: The following article is the personal opinion of Mr Emile Noujeim.

This week we’re posting two stories that confirm what we’ve already known for some months now. The global bicycle industry is doing it tough at the moment.

We don’t normally run any stories in Bicycling Trade relating to cycle sport, but the recently announced retirement of Anna Meares is significant on several levels.

Ask any bike Melbourne bike shop, ‘How busy is your workshop the week before Around the Bay?’

I feel that it’s timely to write this editorial. It’s a statement of my personal code of conduct in editing Bicycling Trade. Please feel free to hold me accountable to this at any time and call me out if you think I’ve crossed the line.