About 6 months ago I was in an Aldi store buying a packet of corn flakes and a ride-on mower when I spyed on the 'clearance' table  a solitary bike helmet with a price tag of $12.

Curiosity got the better of me and as I had some spare change from the corn flakes I put it in my shopping cart.

On arriving home I snuck it past the wife who thinks I have enough helmets already and proceeded to open it up.

The box stated it passed Australian standards. It was stylish, OK it was matt black not the best of colours but the strapping was easy to adjust, unlike some I have had where you need a pair of pliers. A two mode red light was built into the tensioning dial, and batteries were even included.

The big test was next, how comfortable was it...very..could not fault it ...all in all for the price of 3 flat whites a bargin.

Do I use it? Well I must confess, yes. When riding the mower!