• Grumpy Old Man is getting Cross with the Tour Down Under!
    Grumpy Old Man is getting Cross with the Tour Down Under!

The ‘dead’ day on the Monday twixt the Sunday kermesse (it is technically not a criterium) and the Tuesday TDU start could be utilised for a cyclocross. There has to be a park in Adelaide big enough and it would introduce cross to many.

It would give fans another race to go see. OK there is no snow, but a sand pit for running through, a few boards to negotiate, a purpose built flight of stairs and you’ve got a course.

If held this year World Champion Peter Sagan, a cross silver medallist as a junior, may have ridden, and won!

Glenelg would be perfect. There is a small park there and the course could include the beach like the Belgian Champs at Oostende did this year. Give me the OK and I will organise it. Former World Champion Sven Nys is a Trek ambassador. I would get Trek to send him here. At 41 he could come out of retirement for one race and win!

Please pass this on to Mike Turtur or get him to contact me!

Ray English

Aka: Grumpy Old Man

Editor’s Note:

Ray I’m sure Mike is an avid reader of Bicycling Trade and your phone will be running hot shortly. If not perhaps another South Australian, who is already a major cyclocross supporter, Graeme Moffett of Pon.Bike might to take your TDU cyclocross idea and run with it, if you’ll pardon the pun.

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