I recently needed to replace a bike maintenance tool after nearly 50 years of faithful service and still kept in its original box.
The latest version was nicely displayed in its blister packaging with instructions galore on its correct usage printed in the tiniest font possible on the backing card. The one instruction that should have been included and at number 1 was how to open the packaging!
My first conclusion was for some reason the military had ordered them ( for what reason  defies logic ) and required bullet proof capabilities as my fingers and thumbs grappled with separating plastic and card to no avail. A pair of heavy duty workshop scissors proved no match for 21st century cunning. I thought of the Stanley knife but dismissed that idea as I would loose  too much blood, then I remembered the guy next door owns a chain saw !!!
I realise packaging is there for many reasons but bike shops drown in a sea of cardboard, polystyrene, bubble plastic and coffee pods. Now where is this chain saw's on/off switch....