• Phil Latz
    Phil Latz

If you’ve already read the introduction to my newsletter of Friday 26th May then please be warned that most of the text that follows is a repeat.

However because I know that some readers go direct to our website and don’t see the newsletter introduction, I’ve decided that it would be best to repeat my announcements here.

After 27 years it’s time for me to change careers.

I’ll be leaving Yaffa Media from 30th June 2017.

Gary Hunt will be taking over as Editor of Bicycling Trade and Bicycling Yearbook.

As part of these changes, the June July August 2017 print edition of Bicycling Trade will be our last print format edition. But rest assured that our popular Bicycling Yearbook trade directory will be continuing in its regular print format.

Bicycling Trade will continue in an online format at www.bicyclingtrade.com.au

Many of you will already know Gary as he has been Editor of our road consumer title Bicycling Australia for many years and has also had roles as General Manager and years ago, Show Director of the Bicycling Australia Show.

I would like to wish Gary well and ask you to give him your full support going forward. I strongly believe that Bicycling Trade fulfils a very important role in Australia’s bicycle industry as the sole independent information source.

I’d also like to thank our owners, Yaffa Media for their professionalism and integrity. As many of you already know, my wife and I founded Bicycling Australia in 1989 but sold the magazine and web side of our business to Yaffa Media in 2014. My departure will mark the end of a three year part time contract that I entered into as part of that sale agreement.

As I have already done so in my final print edition editorial, I’d once again like to thank everyone who has helped produce the both the print and online editions of Bicycling Trade during my tenure as Editor, including our stalwart columnists, Greg Griffiths, Jonathon Nunan and the Grumpy Old Man, Ray English.

Special thanks to Joanne Anstee, Ben Chand, Gary Hunt and John and Amber Hardwick in our office and to my wife Catie and family.

I’d like to thank you, our readers, who are members of the bicycle industry throughout Australia (and some Kiwis!). Unfortunately I haven’t been able to personally meet all of you, but the many of you I have met will know that I’m not just writing platitudes when I write the next few lines, but being deeply sincere.

I strongly believe that you’re doing a great job in a challenging business environment. I see how hard you work and your passion for our cycling community. Despite business challenges, I think that the Australian bicycle industry has a vital role to play in our nation and has a bright future.

Therefore it would not surprise you to learn that although I will be shortly leaving this role. I won’t be straying too far from the world that I’ve inhabited for the vast majority of my life.

If you’ll pardon my indulgence, I’ll finish by letting you know what I’ll be up to next. You’ll (hopefully!) be pleased to see that some of these roles will give me reason to stay in touch with you.

On a voluntary level I’ll be continuing as a cycling advisor to the Active Transport Reference Group for my local Wollongong City Council and as a Director of World Bicycle Relief Australia, plus of course, regular cycling!

Professionally I’ll be continuing to run our Where to Ride cycling books and maps business, working part time for the new global cycle tourism platform CycleLifeHQ and as was announced at the Australian Bicycle Summit in Brisbane on 12th May, I’ll be the Development Director for the newly created Australian Cycling Promotion Foundation.

Away from bikes I’ll be continuing to enjoy project managing the renovation of investment properties, occasionally getting ‘on the tools’ myself, something I’ve enjoyed as a sideline on and off for the past 17 years.

As you can see, I won’t be sitting at home wondering what to do next. As I’ve often said to any poor soul within earshot, my plan has always been to go flat out until I’m 80 then drop dead. If I’m given the health and longevity to achieve that, I’ll be deeply gratified.

Phil Latz