I am writing this on day nine of 48 hour flu, so I have kept abreast of the 24 hour news cycle from a world view. Here in Australia the bicycle has achieved good media coverage for better or worse. From earlier than usual magpie attacks through to no more compulsary helmet laws, and a disturbing report that cycling participation is on the decline.
The anti helmet lobby claim that having to wear a helmet discourages participation, but I am sure most of you reading this know of somebody 'alive and pedaling' thanks to helmet laws. I almost go cold when I recall riding to work in Central London nearly 60 years ago in all four seasons without a helmet. I never fell off, more luck than judgement no doubt.
The anti helmet proponents should spend some time in a head trauma ward as a helmetless cyclist is fighting for life...and if and when the 'free spirit' recovers, as they leave the hospital should give them the bill!
A helmet has no political affiliation so being anti helmet is not going to see the fall of a government. On a similar safety note several news stations carried the interesting "how to open the car drivers door safely" interesting idea that should be included in driver education.