Illegal eBike Tuning Kits Market Grows in Europe

Selling speed tuning kits for e-bikes is spreading throughout the countries where electric bicycles have gained market share in recent years. In Germany and in the UK authorities are checking upon dealers on the sale of de-restricted e-bikes.
In particular e-bikes fitted with 25 km/h Bosch systems are easy to tune with a widely available kit. It's simple to make such bikes capable of a 45 km/h top speed. However, Bosch is able to track the possible tampering of each individual drive system when logged on for possible malfunctioning of the system. When tampering is ascertained the regular two year warranty is cancelled.
According to a UK dealer, “The promotion and sale of this un-tested type of e-bike puts huge pressure on other retailers to follow suit. If manufacturers and distributors allow this trend to continue unchecked, the market for compliant ebikes will shrink as the public shun products built to legal speeds and choose instead modified models with no speed restrictions.”
This story was first published in Bike Europe