In September Bicycling Trade sat down with David Bowden—the brains behind the Velogicfit system— to discuss his proprietary bike fitting system. Now David explains some more nuts and bolts aspects of installing Velogicfit in a bike store.

What does the system entail…how much training is involved in using Velogicfit?

Our Introductory courses are three days – which is an intensive overview of the theory with some practical work. The real learning then happens once the fitter is doing fits with their customers. We support fitters as much as we can during the early days of fitting.

The training covers the following key topics:

  •          Bike measuring and geometry
  •          Identifying key points on the body and placing markers
  •          Collecting accurate motion data
  •          Interpreting the data and making decisions about appropriate next steps (the most important part)
  •          Professionalism and communication with the rider
  •          Equipment changes to improve fit outcomes
  •          Pedalling technique
  •          Reporting on the fit

And a host of small topics that contribute to the overall understanding of the fit process.

How much time does it take for a Velogicfit based bike fit in store?

I normally take around 70mins (I have a lot of practice interpreting the data from the first analysis), I generally advise fitters to allow 90-120 minutes. If there are any tricky issues to deal with the timeframe can stretch considerably.

What level of capex is required to begin working with Velogicfit?

We offer payment terms on all our products, so a store can start with 2D Motion for only a few hundred dollars (equipment + software). If paying up front a full 3D Motion + Aero + Finder setup (top level) is going to be over $5000 (or $500 a month). It all depends on what the store wishes to offer their customers. In any situation though the store would find that Velogic is the most cost effective option.

What are the five most important benefits of the Velogicfit system for a bike store?

  1.        Accuracy – we don’t use harnesses or draw on lines manually, every aspect of our development is focussed on providing the most repeatedly accurate products.  Manual measurements or visual assessment simply can’t match the precision of the data we generate.
  2.        Cost effectiveness – we have always challenged our developers and ourselves to make our products compelling for bicycle retailers, which means they need to add value to the ROI of bike fit for the store, not become an overhead. We have achieved this by running a lean, smart development process to keep costs down without compromising the level of innovation and quality of the products.
  3.        Wow factor – the feedback from customers to our stores is always fantastic. Riders love seeing themselves on the screen and understanding why changes have been made to their position because of the information they can see (and feel).  Having the right tools improves the customers perception of the service and justifies the expense of seeing a professional.
  4.        Easy to use – the fit systems have been designed by bike fitters for bike fitters, they are intuitive and help you to speed up the fit while providing a professional service. With training to understand the data provided, our products are an easy way to raise the calibre of your bike fitting service.
  5.        Training – every course that Velogicfit have delivered around the world has received positive feedback from attendees. They walk away from the courses with a greater understanding of bike fit, as well as the specific skills to use velogicfit products effectively.  And we cover how to generate revenue by doing a good job, rather than by foisting products on the customer.

 What do current bike store owners who have taken on Velogfit say about the system?

They say that their system has sped up their fit process, they are receiving great comments from their customers, that the systems are justifying them charging more and that they have increased their bike and parts sales.