Rotor has announced the release of their long anticipated Uno  groupset, along with the innovative low friction Rvolver hub, and the lowest weight cassette on the market.

The Rotor Uno groupset indexes gear changes at the derailluer as opposed to the handlebar lever, to maximise accuracy and simplify the shift lever mechanism. Reports from Nat Bromhead who tried the system at Eurobike say the shifting lever feel of the Uno system requires a firmer push to effect gear changes than other premium offerings, but achieves accurate, smooth actuation.

Hydraulics are one of the most widely adopted actuation systems with a reputation for excellent reliability and maintenance free operation so there is reasonable grounds for using hydraulics in bike components. Tight cable bends, contaminated inners impeding shifting, and flat batteries won't be on the menu here.

The braking component of the system was designed in conjunction with hydraulic specialists Magura and provides the choice of rim or disc caliper.

A pre-production version of the Uno hydraulic components was seen at the Tour Down Under in 2016, and further refinement is now complete so the system will go on sale this year.

Rotor is not the first brand to send a hydraulic groupset to market... the Acros A-GE which came out in 2011 but didn't gain any traction. Reputation says that Rotor's high end boutique system will be reliable, but, only time will tell if Rotor's careful testing and development regime and massive investment to bring the system to market will deliver on this front.

CNC machined from a single block of aluminum and high-grade steel, the Uno cassette weighs just 135g for an 11-28 cogset. Rotor claims their new cassette provides the best transmission with the lowest weight possible by means of a torque-transferring surface located at the lower end of the steel body. ROTOR applied the same expertise as used in their  Q-Rings to the cassette’s Flowdrive ramps to provide exact and rapid shifting performance. The aluminum teeth sprockets have a higher thickness for increased durability. The new 11 speed Uno cassette is compatible with Shimano SRAM and Campag 11 speed systems. 

The Uno system will be seen predominantly in after market sales and given the asking price, fairly low volume. If all goes to plan it will however reinforce the position of the brand as high end high performance gear.

With marginal gains in mind, Rotor's Rvolver hub  employs a clutch system that moves — or “floats” — the ratchet ring away when the rider stops pedaling, thus disengaging the ring from the pawls to reduce friction. Connecting the ratchet ring to the hub shell without threaded parts significantly lowers Rvolver’s weight, and sealed bearings and fewer internal parts make it the easiest hub to install and maintain without the need for special tools. Rvolver’s Intelligent Flange Design features evenly spaced, notched flanges to reduce overall weight and allow for easier wheel assembly. Rvolver’s flanges also offer tailored hub shells for a standard or a 2:1 spoke lacing pattern. The hub’s Multi Compatibility Design means that it’s compatible
with most frames and forks currently available. Rvolver is CNC machined from 7075 aluminum at ROTOR’s CNC facilities outside of Madrid.

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