• Our first Bell Awards winner Jackie Newnham with husband Nick and daughters Isabelle and Emily
    Our first Bell Awards winner Jackie Newnham with husband Nick and daughters Isabelle and Emily

You may remember reading in our previous print edition of Bicycling Trade our announcement to launch the Bell Awards. These awards recognise unsung heroes in our bicycle industry.

They are industry nominated, so if you have a colleague or employee who you think is deserving of a Bell Award, you need to contact us.

Bell Awards recipients must excel at any one or more of six selection criteria, which were outlined in detail last issue. You can also refer to them in the Bell Awards sub menu under Features at www.bicyclingtrade.com.au

To recap, the criteria are:
1. Consistently giving outstanding customer service
2. Producing outstanding products or services
3. Team player
4. Innovation
5. Community service
6. Overcoming challenges

Thanks very much to Andrew McEwin of Bicycle Parts Wholesale for nominating one of his staff who is now the first Bell Award recipient, Ms Jackie Newnham.

Congratulations Jackie! You will be receiving a framed Bell Awards certificate shortly and your name will go on the top of what will hopefully over time become a long honour roll, which will be posted on our website under the Bell Awards sub menu.

Andrew told Bicycling Trade why he’d nominated Jackie, who is his Office Administrator, for the Bell Award.

“Jackie was one of the first staff I employed upon buying Incomex Trading almost 10 years ago,” Andrew recalled. “Initially Jackie was employed as a permanent part timer but went full time almost immediately as her impact and importance was immediate even though this was her first (non-casual) job straight out of university.

“Since commencing with us I have had many customers comment on Jackie’s outstanding service.”
Andrew said that Jackie excelled at four of the Bell Awards criteria in particular:

Consistently giving outstanding customer service
“Jackie is at work early and straight away looking to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Many customers call and specifically ask for Jackie as they know the reliability and efficiency of her work.

They are also impressed by her happy, friendly, energetic demeanour!”

Team player
“Jackie is a calming influence in the office, assisting all staff with any challenges they may have encountered.

“Jackie has undertaken all the office duties, so when we are short in any area Jackie is asked to fill in. These requests are always met with an enthusiastic, positive response.”

“As our company has evolved from a three person team operating a simple accounting system to a very large team utilising a complex stock/accounting/integrated-ecommerce system, Jackie has been proactive in ensuring our systems work (as best they can) for our customers and our staff.”

Overcoming Challenges
“All businesses face various challenges; some small, some enormous. This has certainly been the case at Bicycle Parts Wholesale and Jackie has risen to each of these occasions to overcome the obstacles.

Jackie’s life has progressed in the time she has been working at Bicycle Parts Wholesale, and maybe the biggest challenge, has been upholding the extremely high work standards, which she has achieved, whilst also integrating the challenges of being a wonderful wife to her husband Nick and mother to her beautiful daughters Isabelle and Emily.”