How to Nominate Your Colleague for Some Well Deserved Recognition!

Do you have a work colleague, trade customer or supplier who goes over and above the call of duty? Here’s a unique opportunity for you to give them the recognition they deserve. 

This article outlines everything you need to know to nominate someone for our Bell Awards. We’ve named them ‘bell’ both because it stands for Bicycle ExceLLence, and because it’s a bicycle component that alerts people about someone’s presence.

That’s exactly what we hope the Bell Awards will achieve. Often the most likely nominees are the very same people who are least likely to boast of their achievements or ‘blow their own trumpet’.

The Bell Awards will purely be about recognition. They won’t be a competition. Unlike a host of cooking shows, beauty pageants and talent quests that you see on TV, there will be no finalists, judging panel, winners and ‘first runners up’.

We’ve been brainstorming the concept, then the finer details of the Bell Awards in the Bicycling Australia office since October 2015. Our first winner is to be announced in the June/July/August 2016 print edition of Bicycling Trade

Six Criteria for Nomination

The person you’re thinking of nominating must not just meet, but excel at least one of the following six criteria. If they meet more than one of these, so much the better. These criteria are all equally valid. They are not listed below in any particular order of importance. 

1.         Consistently Giving Outstanding Customer Service

This criteria can equally apply to someone in retail or someone working in a wholesale business, cycling not-for profit organisation or wherever. Everyone has customers. It does not matter if those customers are individuals, bike shops or other entities. 

2.         Producing Outstanding Products or Services

This criteria could apply not only to small local manufacturers of bicycles, parts or accessories, but to a whole range of bicycle industry service providers who might be providing anything from bicycle insurance to bicycle shop design to cycling events. 

3.         Team Player

Someone who puts success of their team ahead of themselves and personal rewards. Without being asked, they will take new team members under their wing and give them helpful advice and encouragement. 

4.         Innovation

This criteria most obviously refers to the invention of new designs and cycling products. But it could equally relate to someone who comes up with new improved systems for the operation of a bicycle warehouse, new point of sale displays in a bicycle shop, or any other case of creating a better solution. 

5.         Community Service

This relates to time and effort spent outside the immediate business environment. It could cover anything from creating a local charity ride, voluntary coaching at local cycling club, through to donating bikes to underprivileged kids.

Whilst all community service is very worthwhile, this criteria specifically relates to something cycling related. 

6.         Overcoming Challenges

This could be as simple as someone who has been able to perform well in their job despite facing challenges that would stop most other people. Those challenges could range from a physical or mental disability through to being part of a minority group that has been discriminated against or even economic challenges such as being a self-supporting single parent. 

What do They Win?

At this stage, there will be no prizes or prize money. This may change in the future if the Bell Awards become well established and become sponsored.

Each recipient will receive an attractive framed A4 certificate which names them and says under which criteria they received the award.

It will also be signed by both the Editor and the Publisher of Bicycling Trade.

As well as giving each Bell Award recipient a certificate, we will publish a short story either in our quarterly print edition of Bicycling Trade or on our Bicycling Trade website, which will be included in one of our weekly Bicycling Trade newsletters that is sent to the email addresses of approximately 2,600 bicycle businesses and individual industry members.

We will also create an honour roll on the Bicycling Trade website which lists all the recipients by the date they received their Bell Award.

We hope that all of the above recognition will be gratifying to the recipient. It will also be a valuable addition to their career résumé. 

How You Can Nominate Someone

If you would like to nominate someone for a Bell Award, you can contact us in several ways:

•           Email us at

•           Call us on (02) 4274 4884 and ask for either Phil Latz or Joanne Anstee. 

Regardless of which contact method you prefer, please be ready to give us the following information:

•           The first and last name of the person you’re nominating, including any nickname if they’re more widely known by it.

•           Which of our criteria you’re basing your nomination upon. One is sufficient, but you may like to say more than one.

•           The name of the cycling business or organisation they work for.

•           The title of their role, if they have one, and a brief description of what they do.

•           The approximate length of time (to the nearest year) that they’ve been in that role.

•           The name, contact number and email of a ‘seconder’, that is, a person other than yourself or your nominee, who is prepared to support their nomination and agrees with the criteria that you’ve based it upon.

•           A clear photograph of the person you’re nominating, preferably in a digital format. 

Of all these requirements, we anticipate that in some cases the photograph might be the most problematic to supply.

This leads to the question of if you would like their Bell Award announcement to be a surprise.

If you do, then you’ll have to use your initiative to get a photo without them knowing. It might be from a social media page.

If you don’t mind that they know in advance you could ask them to pose for a photo, which needs to be a clear portrait shot that shows their face, preferably without sunglasses.

We will not accept any self-nominations.

Although it is impossible to police, we also do not want give a Bell Award to anyone who has asked to be nominated, or who has done lobbying of any form. That is not within the spirit of these awards. We will be totally relying upon the integrity of you as members of the bicycle industry, to ensure that this does not happen. 

How Many? How Often?

Nominations are open now.

In order to make the Bell Awards a rare and prestigious recognition, we will only be making a maximum of one award per month, that is, up to 12 per year.

In cases where we receive more than one nomination in any given month, then we may choose to hold over other nominations until following months.

We will give priority to the nominations that we feel are strongest.

Nominations will be judged against the six criteria outlined above by staff at the Bicycling Trade. Strictly no correspondence will be entered into!

If you have any questions about the Bell Awards, please call us on (02) 42744884 or email

If you have someone in mind to nominate, please do it now! Only with your proactive support can the Bell Awards become a positive new initiative for our bicycle industry.