Canberra-based manufacturer Frameskin Bike Protection Film have launched a new MTB brand called Dirtsurfer – an offshoot of their frame protection business with a specific focus on manufacturing highly functional – and highly visible – frame protection accessories. 

The first product to be released under the Dirtsurfer brand is a range of custom-printed front mudguards featuring many colourful and creative designs to allow riders to both protect and personalise their bikes. The mudguards and have been specially designed for enhanced protection of fork stanchions and seals as well protecting a rider's face.

There are over 40 ‘house' designs to choose from — ranging from colourful patterns through to illustrated commissioned artworks and come complete with indvidual packaging (including zip ties, instructions and souvenir beer coaster) for the convenience of retailers. 

Dirtsurfer also CUSTOM-MAKE for bike shops, industry brands, mtb clubs, tour operators, bike parks etc, so your brand can feature as part of a product offering. You can have almost any design you want in fact (even photographic) — all in realistically low runs and with fast turnaround. 

Dirtsurfer’s materials, products and packaging have been designed to appeal in a retail environment and retain very high environmental credentials. 
They are 100% Australian made, 100% recyclable and 100% kick-arse. Style your ride with Dirtsurfer.

Retail and distribution enquiries are welcome. 
Contact Alan Vogt via email or on 0405 635 651