With the chance of being fined for not having a bell attached to your bike is still a reality, the newly launched FI mount from Hide My Bell is as timely as ever.  

Just like any regular HideMyBell the brand new HideMyBell FI-Mount is an out-front mount for a bike computer with a discretely integrated bell, and the possibility to place an action cam or front light. What makes the FI-Mount unique though, is that it can be attached to integrated handlebar/stem combinations by two bolts on the bottom of the stem. It also fits systems with a GoPro stem connection.

Up to this point the HideMyBell was only available for standard handlebars. But integrated handlebar/stem combinations are becoming more and more popular. Downside to these systems is that there is no possibility to fit your bike computer in a way that doesn’t ruin the looks and aerodynamic advantages of your cockpit. The HideMyBell FI-Mount offers a proper solution to this problem, plus of course the advantages of a bell and the possibility to mount an action cam or front light.

RRP: $64.95     Distributed by Echelon Sports