The majority of bikes that are stolen are not locked.

It seems crazy to leave your pride and joy unattended and unsecured, but we’ve all done it before. When the devil on your shoulder tells you to run inside and smash a quick double ristretto, well who are you to argue. Right??

OTTO DesignWorks is based in the hotbed of cycling, Portland OR. Their flagship product is the OTTOLOCK – a light-weight and super compact lock inspired by the typical short-ish stop. Coffee. Beer. BEER. Post Office. Errand. Sausage roll. Milk. Coffee.

The OTTOLOCK weighs as little as 120 grams and fits easily inside a jersey pocket or even a saddle bag. Mounting to a bike is easy with a customized rubber mount (tool and hassle free) which can strap around any tube.

The OTTOLOCK comes in three band lengths (18, 30 and 60 inch) to suit most scenarios. The non-scratch band operates like a zip-tie, secured by a tough aluminum-bodied combination lock. The band features 4 Kevlar reinforced layers sandwiched with three stainless steel layers, providing cut resistance superior to a cable lock at a weight that is 90% less than a D-Lock.

The OTTOLOCK is ideal for shorter stops, providing far greater ease of carriage than cable or D lock at an unbeatable weight for the performance minded cyclist too. In the USA the OTTOLOCK has quickly become a retailer hit, earning favour with riders from all disciples from commuters and eBikers, MTBers, adventurers and racer types.

OTTOLOCK will retail from RRP $99 upwards and is available to retailers exclusively from Lead Out Sports. First delivery of OTTOLOCK is anticipated in mid February 2018.

Lead Out Sports


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