Centennial Parklands is Sydney's playground for adults and children alike with over 31 million visits each year.  Generations of Australians and international visitors choose to play, relax and be entertained in the Parklands.

Launched this week, the Parklands’ annual Share the Park campaign raises awareness and educates the many diverse visitors about the right and responsible ways to enjoy the space. Through free workshops, tune-ups and entertainment activations, the Parklands hopes to encourage its visitors to refresh their understanding of the rules and regulations around the Park and especially when cycling to ensure the safety for all visitors.

"Centennial Parklands is one of the most diverse public parklands in Australia and while visitors love this space, we all play a role to ensure it remains an accessible and enjoyable place to visit," says Anthony Dunsford, Director of Visitor Experience, Centennial Parklands.

"There are more than 750,000 visits from cyclists made to Centennial Park and it’s considered a sanctuary amongst the heavily-populated eastern suburbs and Sydney CBD. These aren’t just professional users but families, tourists and little kids learning to ride their bikes as well.”

“Share the Park is not so much about rules and regulations but also watching out for each other and remembering it is a shared space. We hope to see the community come together for our free workshops and bike tune-ups."

Local father and triathlete Dane Holt has been training at Centennial Park for 14 years as well as coaching running groups and spending time outdoors with family in the Park. "I see the Parklands as my training safe haven. I can do structured, uninterrupted workouts at any time of the day and feel totally at ease with the traffic flow. Having been previously been hit by a car whilst training elsewhere, this is so important to me,” said Mr Holt.

"It is also a special place for my family because it’s a great place to take my two young boys bike riding and then a much-needed coffee with my wife. Share the Park is a great way to remind the community to respect the place we all love and look out for each other.”

Some simple tips and things to remember when visiting the Parklands include:

  • Stick to the 30 km speed limit in Centennial Park -- in the car and on the bike
  • Stay in your designated car or cycle lane on Grand Drive.
  • Drivers, always look in the blind spot before turning across the cycle lane to exit the Park.
  • Dog walkers -- get to know where the on and off leash areas are in Centennial Park and ensuring your dog is under effective control.
  • Keep dogs off the horse track, as they can often spook the horses.
  • Walkers and joggers please be careful when crossing roads, particularly if you are wearing headphones when training.

Community members and visitors are encouraging to take part in a variety of free activities and competitions to support Share the Park:

  • Quick fix bike maintenance 17 April, 24 April & 1 May at Fearnley Grounds from 8.00 – 10.00 am
  • Cycling safety workshops at Fearnley Grounds 21 April & 28 April at 9.00 –11.30 am
  • Penny-farthing clown performance 19 April & 27 April at the Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY Garden from 10.30 –11.00 am.
  • Bike and blend: make your own pedal powered smoothie at Federation Valley 20 April & 26 April from 7.30 – 9.30 am
  • City of Sydney Share the Path at Federation Way 24 April at 4 pm to 5.30 pm and Cleveland Street 28 April from 7.30 – 9.00 am.
  • Social media competitions will be announced with a range of prizes to be won including a kid’s scooter, vouchers from Urban Winery and tickets to the Cheese Lovers Festival at Centennial Parklands.

 You can help spread awareness for Share the Park by sharing information with family, friends or colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram by tagging @centparklands and hashtag #sharethepark