MONTREAL, July 3rd, 2018 – Argon 18 is extremely proud to announce its partnership with Cycling Australia’s Powerhouse Cycling Federation. This landmark venture is the latest in Argon 18’s ongoing push to build the best for the best – making Argon 18 the reference – a global cycling leader to be reckoned with.

“This partnership with Argon18 is a really exciting for the Australian Cycling Team, and fits well into our new direction and ambition for world class success in the future. We felt as a team we needed to seek new and innovative technology solutions.

We looked at four options and carefully considered each one. We know this was a big decision that we gave a massive amount of thought and research. We’re taking a broader approach to racing and Argon 18 are our partner across the board. This is more than ‘just the bikes’; this is partnership with shared goals.” Simon Jones, Performance Director, Australian Cycling Team


What makes us different? We won’t stop until we’ve designed the fastest bike in the world. By combining all of our know-how and expertise in performance, aerodynamics and technology – by taking all we have learned and achieved with our road and triathlon bikes – we have what it takes to design track bikes like no other. And now working in tandem with Cycling Australia, our research and development team is right on track to go further than ever before.

“Our partnership with Cycling Australia for Tokyo 2020 will see us bringing to them Argon 18’s engineering manpower and cutting-edge technology expertise. Working in collaboration with Cycling Australia our goals are precise, and we target on nothing less but the fastest bike in the world. We’re already hard at work with their engineers and mechanics, we want to bring home Gold as much as they do.”  Martin Faubert, Head of R&D, Argon 18


It’s all about the gold. Gold and nothing less. Cycling Australia has done it before, and their seasoned team will stop at nothing to achieve it. We’re thrilled to be part of their mission to Break Away in Tokyo 2020, and beyond.

“We’re totally thrilled that Cycling Australia came to us with their mission. Even though track cycling is a niche market in the Cycling Industry, we at Argon 18, think it is important that we establish ourselves as the leader of the sport, with the best products and become #1 in track cycling. Partnering which such a result driven team will allow us to bring new technology and deeper aerodynamic knowledge to our future products. Look for some surprising results in Tokyo 2020.” Gervais Rioux, CEO and Founder, Argon 18




Argon 18 bikes are proudly designed and engineered in Montreal, Canada. Established in 1989, Argon 18 bikes are the brainchild of Olympian and 3-time Canadian Champion Gervais Rioux – one of North America’s most successful racers. Sophisticated, inventive and strikingly different, Argon 18 bikes are built around the cyclist, with handling, aerodynamics and human performance at the core of the design. Argon 18 bikes can be found on countless roads in more than 70 countries around the world.