What happens to a young lad who loves dare-devil adventure, only to discover that he is slowly going blind? What courage and resilience does it take for this lad to pursue his dreams? This heart-warming and inspiring story takes you on a life-journey through the adolescent struggles of identity and coming to terms with a disability to standing on the dais as an Australian gold-medal winning athlete.

Anna Meares wrote: Kieran Modra: The Way I See It is a fantastic read, which not only highlights the bravery and resilience of a boy going blind, but simultaneously traces the history and rise in popularity of the Paralympics and the progress in human understanding of vision impairment and what can be achieved with a positive can-do attitude. The author clearly enjoys delving into many aspects of cycling. Every cyclist, no every Australian needs to read this book to enjoy what it means to represent this wonderful country. Kieran's story is an emotional roller-coaster and written with great sensitivity. The reader emerges with a deeper understanding of disability and a reminder of the power of the human spirit. A wonderful book about an extraordinary Australian athlete.

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