Additions to the available routes in Zwift may provide extra incentive to those sniffing around a smart indoor trainer purchase. 

The IT boffins at Zwift have coded new routes for the online training platform, and Alpe Du Zwift will bear more than a few similarities to one of the most famous climbs in cycling, Alpe D'Huez. However, while the terrain mimics the French giant, they have given the climb a distinct Zwift twist with numbered switchbacks and gaming twists that'll keep folks engaged as they climb upwards.
Alpe Du Zwift will be a fantastic training tools for those preparing for gran fondos or long distance events. For many people, this will be the only way to simulate climbs of one hour or more in length.
Here's some information from Zwift about their latest updates.


The Alpe Du Zwift segment

Segment Length: 7.5mi /12km  

Segment elevation gain: 3400ft /1036m  

Average gradient: 8.5%

  • Alpe Du Zwift is part of the Watopia Island course and can be accessed via the Mayan Jungle

  • Segments: 21 Hairpins/switchbacks

  • Alpe Du Zwift is only open to Zwifters at Level 12 or higher

  • The Level 12 Alpe Gate is marked Red when locked, and Green when available

  • Zwifters who become level 12 mid-session will immediately be allowed access


Four new, preset routes will be added to Watopia following the release of Alpe Du Zwift:

Four Horsemen

55.5 miles/89.3 km  6929 ft/2112m

Volcano Climb, Hilly Route, Epic KOM, Radio Tower, Mayan Jungle, and Alpe du Zwift


Road to Sky

12.4 miles/19.9km  3753 ft/1144m

Starts at Spruce Goose/pie, goes to top of Alpe du Zwift


Tour of Fire and Ice

15.6 miles/25.1km  3826 ft/1166m

Starts in the Volcano, goes to top of Alpe du Zwift