Engineer, innovator and entreprennuer Sean Hacking leads the Veer Cycling team who has developed a split belt drive train that will allow the carbon 'Gates style' belt drive to be applied to a standard bike frame. The system allows you to split the belt rather than the frame to instal or remove the belt, and will make the benefits of a belt drive available to all cyclists.

The Carbonius Split Belt is shaped like a snake's forked tongue at one end with a long gradually tapered 'V' shape, and a matching long-tapered point that fits into the centre of the 'V' at the other. The three strands fit together to seamlessly recreate the same ongoing toothed profile of the belt. The join is fastened together with metal rivet pins, with a head at one end and a flare at the other to secure. The length of the taper runs for 25-30 teeth of the belt , to effectively spread the load around cogs at both ends of the stays.

As with other carbon fibre belts they are said to be highly efficient, have exceptional strength, virtually zero stretch, no need for greasy lubes, and outstanding serviceable life.