Press Release from Bafang:

Suzhou, PRC, May 2, 2018 – 

Just a few years ago the idea of a pedelec road bike was almost unthinkable, and many cyclists were shocked by the mere idea. Too big, too bulky, too heavy…
But then new categories emerged, including gravel bikes which are ridden at lower speeds and over hillier terrain. Even road bike lovers grow older, and sometimes age adds a little body weight... so why not choose a bike which lets you keep up easily with your friends on those weekend rides to the hills?
Previous attempts at e-road bikes, using standard-size mid motors, seemed to prove the purist roadies right. But now that the pedelec has reached almost every niche, both consumers and the industry want to crack this last bastion.
And with the right technology, the e-road bike and its sub-species could well be the next big trend after the e-MTB.

Bafang M800 mini mid drive system - an ultra-compact mid motor
The form factor of this new mini-size motor creates new and significant design opportunities for bike brands across the globe who are developing ‘e-road racing style’ bikes, including gravel and cyclocross concepts.

Functionality is key, paired with quiet and smooth operation controlled by dual torque and speed sensors. The motor offers single and double chainring compatibility (chain wheel size 44T or 34/50T), and while it can easily be set to the EU legal limit of 25 km/h, with its maximum speed of 45 km/h the system is also capable of use on speed pedelecs.
One of the key advantages of the new drive unit is its low weight, at less than 2.3 kg, but with a 200 W rated output power and a max torque of 55 Nm. The electronics and 200 Wh inTube battery add just 2 kg more. This takes the total system weight to less than 4.4 kg, including display and remote shifters.

The pedaling assist level can be set in five steps controlled by 1 or 2 satellite shifter pods, which can be individually placed on the drop handlebar. The 2.2 inch TFT color display offers up to 10 settings.
Since an e-road bike will very quickly exceed the 25 km/h (EU) legal motor assist speed threshold, the drive has been tuned to perform optimally when starting off and accelerating, as well as on short sprints and steep climbs. For the US and other regions, the speed limit can be set at 32 km/h or 45 km/h instead.
But whatever the exact limit, most important is that when the limit is reached, the drive train unit runs almost resistance free. Thus the rider’s own pedaling effort above the limit speed is not affected. This will typically be when riders are pedaling in the upper 20s to mid-30s km/h speed range.

The battery pack, with a capacity of 200 Wh, might at first sound a bit on the small side. But because battery capacity is used only on ascents and when starting/accelerating within the speed limit, this battery capacity will be more than sufficient even for longer trips (50 to 150 km or more).

So there are convincing arguments to counter the critics. Fitting an assist motor to a road bike makes perfect sense if you want to keep up higher speed on climbs, to enjoy quick acceleration or to keep your heart rate outside its ‘red’ zone. And just like all electric bikes, it’s a great way to allow both fit and less fit riders to enjoy cycling together at the same pace.
This development is also a clear indication of the design approach which Bafang and the e-road bike industry are taking for e-road bikes: the motor’s assistance is intended only for longer or steeper climbs, and less for continuous assistance in ‘normal’ riding conditions.
Bafang sees a growing number of performance-oriented consumers, and therefore also manufacturers, who will appreciate these advantages, especially for the fast-growing categories of gravel and cyclocross bikes.
Adding just a little ‘e’ could bring the drop handle bar bike back, taking it on the (gravel) road to success with a larger audience than ever.

 Bafang M420 -- Clean, compact and dynamic facelift for modern city and trekking bicycles.
The facelift of the well-established M400 (formerly Max Drive) system will offer new options for modern-styled city and trekking bikes. The new version uses the same frame mounting interface, comes with a rated power of 250 W, the same powerful 80 Nm performance and a EU-legal speed limit of 25 km/h. Compatible with the 450 Wh InTube or various rack type batteries plus a number of new displays (with Bluetooth and USB-out functionality) it will give designers ample opportunity to create
contemporary looking city and trekking bikes.

Bafang M-Series: M500 & M600
Now available: Powerful mid motors and the 459Wh InTube battery for e-MTBs and speed pedelecs.
Last year Bafang introduced a platform of three mid motors to cover the full range of global speed and wattage restrictions.
The M500 system is rated at 250 W, while the M600 can have either 350 or 500 W motors.
These motors offer peak torque values of 95 Nm (M500) to 120 Nm (M600). The complete range is now available for OEMs to test and specify, including versions which are EU compliant for 25 km/h (Pedelec) and 45 km/h (S-Pedelec), plus USA versions for limits of 20 mph to 28 mph.
 With industry-leading system weights of less than 3.0 kg and 3.4 kg, ISIS drive BBs, customization of motor covers and alloy bash guards, and potential for private labelling, Bafang can offer set new standards for global e-drive manufacturers.

Bafang F-Series batteries
The new 450 Wh or 600 Wh F-Series InTube batteries can be inserted from the top or underside of the downtube. There will be also a semi-integrated battery pack available with a maximum capacity of 1000 Wh. The 450 Wh battery is the first battery to become available from the new Bafang battery assembly factory in Suzhou.
Bafang F-Series batteries use Panasonic/Samsung cells. CanBus and UART communication protocols, and two different charger options with 2 A or 3 A charging capacity, complement the battery offering.

Bafang H800 gear-drive rear hub motor for e-MTB and speed pedelecs Also on display will be the Bafang H800 gear-drive rear hub motor, with 350 or 500 W output and a max torque of 55 Nm, featuring MTB thru-axle design to the Boost standard. This rear motor hub is perfect for sporty e-MTBs and all types of speed pedelecs in the major European and US markets.

Bafang MINI-Hub – for front or rear drive Lifestyle eBikes
Currently the lightest (just 1.7 kg for the front hub version) and smallest-diameter system (both front and rear hub versions are 100 mm diameter) with up to 45 Nm torque, this range targets a lifestyle-oriented urban audience.
Applicable for all brake system options and compatible with 6 to 9 speed cassettes (rear hub only). Available in silver or black.