Fazua, a German pedelec drive system business started in 2013 has picked up $8M in venture  capital funding.

Cyciling media in the UK and EU have picked up on the deal, which looks set to support the ongoing development and expansion of the Fazua business and its Evation 'battery, motor and drive' system. 

The Evation system has been integrated in the down tubes of several global bicycle brands pedelecs (including Bianchi, Focus, Pinarello and Cube) creating more streamlined and regular looking bicycles that appear to have no battery or motor.

The system comprises a removeable cylinder about the size of your forearm that clips into the down tube and meshes with a keyed drive connection on the crank axle.

The drive unit has a clutch that disenages completely when the rider reaches speed over 25kph for a fully natural ride feel.

Their slimline battery and motor pack is a new take on existing systems that have a significantly more bulky look. Mechanical longevity and ride time would appear to be potential trade-offs in the Evation system.