Press Release: June 19th, 2018

Strider Bikes Featured by Google in Small Business Report

Rapid City, S.D. (June 19, 2018) – Every spring, Google Search sees a spike in one search phrase, “Best first bike.” Strider Bikes is proud to be the top-rated “Best First Bike” featured in Google’s results. But this ranking doesn’t come easy.

“The retail landscape is continually being taken from traditional brick and mortar to a digital retail space,” said Strider Founder, CEO and Chief Enthusiast Ryan McFarland. “We aim to do everything we can to support physical retail, but as a brand, we also need to be meeting parents and grandparents on their terms, through web searches they are making on digital devices.

Because of the digital strategy utilized by Strider Bikes, Strider was selected by Google to represent South Dakota as an example of a successful business leveraging the web to grow their business. As part of this recognition, Strider is being featured in Google’s annual Economic Impact Report, released by Google this June.

“People turn to the web to learn, discover, find, and buy things. Being online can have a big impact’ it’s where business can connect with their customers,” said Mary Ellen Coe, President of Google Marketing Solutions. “At Google, we see the power of the web working for American businesses, and we believe that with hard work and the help of technology, every business can grow.”

“The web is critical to our success,” said McFarland. “It is our platform to educate the globe that a better solution now exists for teaching children how to ride a bike, and at younger age than ever thought possible.”

Strider Bikes came onto the scene in 2007 with a revolutionary concept for teaching toddlers to ride— develop balance first and then pedal the bike later. The company started in the garage of South Dakota-native, Ryan McFarland, when he taught his son how to ride at age 2. Strider Bikes now is approaching 2 million bikes sold and spans across the globe with distribution in over 75 countries.

“Our growth has been greatly accelerated by the web,” notes McFarland. “The Internet really is the prime location to run a business in today’s world. Our use of the web effectively will enable us to realize a world in which all kids possess the ability to independently ride a bike.”

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Nicole Kotarac, Managing Director of Strider Sports Australia the offical distributors of Strider balance bikes in Australia.

In 2008 my husband and I wanted to teach our child aged 2 how to ride a bike. We led an active lifestyle and wanted to give him the opportunity to spend some time out of the pram when we were out and about. We found it difficult to find a bike that wasn't too heavy or that was designed around really little people until we discovered the Strider Balance Bike. Our second son learnt to ride a Strider at 17 months. Both of our children learnt how to safely ride and balance a bike using a STRIDER® and very quickly their self confidence and coordination improved daily. On trips around the park or in the city, complete strangers, friends and neighbours asked where we got the "cool" looking bikes from and it was then that we decided to bring Strider Balance Bikes to Australia. In 2009 Strider Sports Australia became the exclusive distributor for Strider across Australia and over the last few years we have become the largest online retailer of Strider Balance Bikes in Australia. Much to our delight the feeling of success and self confidence gained from riding a STRIDER at such a young age has inspired our children now aged 10 and 8 to give a wide range of sporting activities a go ranging from BMX Racing to Rugby.

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