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Announcing The Future Seminars – 'Smart' Technologies & The Taipei Cycle Show 2018

What?  Breakfast Seminars by bicycle industry leaders and academics from Taiwan and Australia, on the Smart Technologies driving the Future of bicycle product design and all that’s new at Taipei Cycle Show 2018.

When?  7.30 am to 10.30am, Thursday June 7th, 2018 

Where?  The Clarendon Room, Melbourne Conference & Exhibition Centre, South Wharf, Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia: In an Australian bicycle industry first, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), organisers of the Taipei Cycle Show, are bringing The Future Seminars to the Melbourne Conference & Exhibition Centre next month; where industry leaders and academics from Taiwan and Australia, will present talks on the Smart Technologies driving the bicycle industries - from design to manufacturing, active transport and consumer product development.

The emergence of SMART (Self-Monitoring And Reporting Technology) Technologies, have dominated all aspects of consumer life, from our ‘smart’ phones, to the cars we drive, the devices we rely on for work, education and navigation, to the ‘smart houses’ and ‘smart cities’ we (will) live in. AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Smart Energy, Inter-Facial Technologies, and the IoT (Internet of Things) more broadly, are central to the present and the future of the world we live in – and inevitably too, the bicycles, components and accessories we design, make, retail, buy or hire. The Future of the bicycle and the bicycle industry is Smart.

The Future Seminars speakers 

  •          Pr Bill Petreski - University of Melbourne / Strategy61 / Australia-Taiwan Business Council
  •          Dr Kuan-Jiuh Lin - National Chung-Hsing University / Interfacial Optical Electronics Lab (IOE)
  •          Peter Bourke – General Manager, Cycling Promotion Fund / Bicycle Industries Australia
  •          Hugo Davidson – CEO & Executive Director at Knog  / Catalyst Design Group / Melbourne
  •          TBC – Representative from 2018 Taipei Cycle organising committee / Taipei Cycle / TAITRA
  •          More to come …

(Speaker profiles and their topics will be issued in subsequent releases)

PLUS!! Prizes, giveaways and exclusive offers from our wonderful partners at China Airlines and Knog.

Breakfast bites and barista brewed coffee on offer from 6.30am.

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Additional Context:

Taiwan used to be where Europeans, Americans and indeed Australians had their products made cheaply. As Taiwan, its economy, its capabilities and its people have progressed and evolved, it has more and more become the hub for high quality production, technology and R&D. It is therefore no fluke that, the world’s most important and influential bicycle factories, are mostly located or head quartered in and around Taichung, Taiwan.

Whilst most Australians have probably owned, a bicycle or bicycle product, made in Taiwan; just as many, if not more Australians have likely used or owned a computing or electronics device made in Taiwan. With 9 out of 10 laptops and notebooks sold in the world, made in Taiwan, they are a global leader in electronics manufacturing and in the R&D and commercialisation of the latest ‘Smart Technologies’.

This combination as trusted, one-stop sourcing point for both premium bicycle and electronic products, uniquely situates Taiwan firmly at the centre of the bicycle industry’s ‘Smart Technology’ driven Future; especially for a modern, active and wealthy market like Australia, where its consumers are as well known for being early adopters (and indeed, developers) of new technologies, as they are of modes of exercise or transport.

The Smart Future of the bicycle Industry will be on display at Taipei Cycle this Oct 30th to Nov 3rd, 2018.

(Fact sheet on Taipei Cycle 2018 to be issued in subsequent release)

The Future Seminars will reveal what to expect at this year’s Taipei Cycle, plus the Smart Technologies driving the latest bicycle products and trends, now and into the Future.



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