With eMTB’s being the fastest growing category of ebikes and particularly strong in Australia, Bosch eBike Systems is launching a world-first ‘eMTB mode’ designed for e-mountain bike riders.

Depending on the pedal pressure, the progressive motor assistance of the ‘eMTB mode’ is

adapted automatically to suit the rider's individual riding technique. There is no need to change between assistance modes – ensuring a more natural riding experience and ensuring e-mountain bikers can concentrate solely on the trail ahead.

The eMTB mode replaces the Sport mode, which has been in use up to now. With a maximum torque of up to 75 Nm, the motor boosts the rider’s performance dynamically between 120 and 300 percent. The motor provides the eMountain biker with ideal power at all times, even at low cadence, without the rider having to change the support levels.

The amount of assistance is dependent on the pedal pressure, starting with light pressure and

increasing to maximum support from the drive unit as required and as the degree of pressure is increased. The system responds almost instantaneously and the rider continues to experience a natural riding sensation, whether starting off or accelerating.

As soon as the pedal pressure decreases, the power assistance is smoothly regulated downwards, thus the rider has much greater control when riding through narrow, winding

sections of trail.

The new eMTB mode will be available from July 2017.