Edco has started the new year under new management. Last year the brand was sold and it now makes a fresh start in 2018.

The manufacturer of high-quality parts for bikes is now managed by 3e oem Sports AG from Seeshaupt near Munich. 3e oem Sports AG is a producer of sports and consumer goods for global markets, with production mainly centred in Asia.

Last year one of Edco's main shareholders Joseph Hsu from Best Top Industrial, decided to withdraw from the comapny and he was followed by some key suppliers of rims to the business, resulting in Edco no longer being a viable business. They were forced to declare bankruptcy on July 28th. Bike Europe recently reported that "directly after the bankruptcy became official one of Joseph Hsu’s companies purchased all Edco Engineering assets including Edco’s trademark leaving all other Edco shareholders empty handed."

CEO of 3e oem Sports AG, Florian Felsch, released the following statement.

CEO of 3e oem Sports AG is pleased to continue the development and production of bicycle components with innovative and future-oriented ideas.

Even since the 2017 sale, edco is already testing new products. As early as 2018 the company will launch wheels with spokes made completely of carbon composite....a ground-breaking product that is eagerly awaited by the market, as Florian Felsch states.

“This historic brand is one of the oldest and most famous producers of high-performance bicycle parts”, the CEO explains. "As far back as 1902 the former machine manufacturer began to produce bike components. Over the past few decades edco has manufactured different high-end parts, ranging from valves to brakes, and is now specialising in premium-quality wheels. For the last few years the company has focused on carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer. 

About edco:
edco is a manufacturer of premium bicycle components. The company which originally produced machines was founded 1867 in Switzerland. In 1902 edco began to develop innovative parts for bikes and specialised in this sector in subsequent decades. For many years the company focuses on high-performance components and other high-end products. Many carbon composite components made by edco in the bicycle market  are already seeing success.