If you are interested in bike racing, whether you race or not, you have to make one trip to Belgium in April.

Besides the many races that are famous there are many interesting places to visit and things to do.

The town of Bruges is a visual masterpiece and De Haan is a majestic coastal town.

The longest tram route in the world runs along the whole length of the Belgian coast from De Panne to Knokke Heist.

Belgian food is filling, with Flemish stew a local favourite accompanied by a generous quantity of 'frites' smothered in 'mayo' (forget the tomato sauce).

Sit in a cafe window at 8am and watch a cross section of humanity pedal past on its way to work.

Smartly dressed office workers in suites, female and male on their city bikes pedal past like worker ants and tradesmen towing a cart carrying the tools of their trade, no utes for these guys.

I have no idea what percentage of Belgium commutes to work but it would be high even in winter.

The bike path system is second to none, so this must help, as does the fact that every driver is a cyclist if we can get a serious integrated bike path system in our towns and every bum on a saddle, maybe we can get cyclist/car accidents to a minimum...I will have that cherry beer now and await my cheque from the Belgian tourist office...

Images by Sirotti