I usually ride the excellent cyclist/runners/joggers/walkers shared path close to home midweek, when I pretty much have it to myself. It's just me, the lizards, and the snakes.

However last Sunday saw me on it bright and early along with a multitude of undisciplined people not on bikes. Let's have a little decorum please! I propose these rules be imposed...

1) Make those not on bikes, face the oncoming cyclists, in the same we can see each other.
2) Ban all personal listening devices for walkers...cyclists who use a bike bell are no competition in the decibel contest with AC-DC or Nessum Dorma full blast in someone's eardrums. Sing instead nobody cares, ( I do an excellent rendition of Blue Suede Shoes.)
3) Ban dog leads over one metre long.
4) Lawfully tie a dog owner with a 10 metre dog lead, to a tree— using their own lead.
5) Other cyclists to have the right to citizen's arrest MTB riders riding the big ring on bike is not a race track.