I do not know about your way since Christmas but in my part of the world the standard of driving has dropped noticeably.

I put it down to two possible reasons...1) a communal hangover or 2) too many people obtained them via a Christmas cracker novelty !!
Anyone, yes anybody, eventually can pass a driving test (given enough attempts), but to make it serious as against a joke, why not combine it with an intelligence test? And I do not mean questions like "if you buy 2 tyres for your car on monday, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday, how many have you bought? Anyone requiring extra time to answer should immediately question evolution!
The root of the problem lies in the fact that governments require the tax revenue from the car industry, so the more people who drive the more the political coffers are filled, and more panel beaters are employed, and pointless consultants hired to tell us what we already know.
As an addendum to qualifying for a driving license, maybe 100 hours compulsory cycling should be included. The outcome for an intelligence test would mean us cyclists would pretty much have the roads to ourselves in a short space of time!