Everything old is new again. So goes the old saying, and this could apply to helmet design.
Forty years ago when the 'hairnet helmet' was coming to the end of its long shelf life, and the fledgling hard hat cycle helmet was launched they were ugly.
The ugliest of all the locally made "stack hat"...when I showed one to a guy from Bell Helmets he could not stop laughing.
Mind you I always felt Bell's VI-PRO , a cross between a hairnet and hardhat, was no oil painting plus the 'skid lid' (google it) ran the safe to wear lottery a close thing.
Then there were the 'gold fish bowls' like MSR; a mountaineering crossover.
Fortunately the style council came to the rescue and by the 90's even I (of the hairnet generation) was buying fashion.
But, in the past couple of years the engineers are back with some odd, if not to say ugly, designs that I am sure are much safer that their forefathers, but arouse dreadful memories.
They're even being used in the world tour teams, rather like seeing Bernard Hinault in a "stack hat".
Maybe woollen clothing and lace up leather shoes are the next retro makeover. In my mind I am already there...