Two interrelated items happened the other morning before I had even had a shower, ( yes it was that day of the week ) and both happened half the world apart.

Firstly on SBS French news it was announced that Paris  'bike share' business 'Gobee' had called it a day, citing that over 60% of its bikes had been stolen or vandalised..only 60%? From what I see here our operators would be overjoyed at that percentage.

Meanwhile I had a call from an industry friend to say that returning from Melbourne to Sydney via the Princes Highway he had seen several City share bikes on the road as far afield from major city centres as the NSW south coast town of Eden. Of course some of these may have been stolen, but let's assume they had been ridden. They were obviously overseas travellers, as any local in his right mind would not attempt the Princes Highway on a single speed, let alone considering the fact that the road is dangerous for everyone.

My question is are you reading this in a location miles from Sydney or Melbourne and has one of their City share bikes been abandoned against a lamp post near you? And how far away are you from its city of origin? Is one being loaded on an international flight as a souvenir...