What did we do in our spare time before youtube?

I can now read up on everything from how to drill out a cotter pin to repairing a tubular...I think I can remember how to do both. But thanks to youtube I can now put any piece of IKEA  furniture together  (unless I have lost the special screws),  and instal a new washer in any toilet cistern! 

I can see 15 minutes of highlights from the 1954 Soccer World cup final ( West Germany 3 Hungary 2 ); aren't you relieved a told you the score?

Let me ask you this: "is youtube making us a bunch of isolationists, unable to communicate with our fellow human beings?

The media of late has been on the increasing issue of loneliness in today's society...fortunately cycling is a recreation/sport that encourages group participation and a feeling of community.

Many shops promote a Sunday group ride, it's good for business.

The bicycle has bought me many a great friend around the world.

But do you have a customer/friend who seems to be struggling?  Ask them RUOK?

A short chat may go a long way to helping someone.