Last week I attended an Engineering Expo in Sydney and it was obvious 3D Printing is becoming main stream.

As one exhibitor of a bench top model said "If you can hold it in your hand we can make one, (including the hand no doubt) titanium, stainless, aluminium".

At one booth there was a fully 3D printed MTB frame that was actually made three years ago, no road frame however.

Another company displayed a vast array of bits and pieces they made from heart valves to bike lugs which led to a thought crossing my mind ( was not a very long journey ).

Like most new 'gadgets' the early 3D printers were very expensive but prices have son purchased one recently to do prototype design.

So can we foresee in the not too distant future bike shops making their own frame by way of an in house 3D Printer? Possibly a shop somewhere is even doing it now.

And why not a 3D Printed stem, cranks in house etc etc...and if worse comes to the worst even a cotter pin !!!