Grumpy Old Man: The Winter Olympics

The Winter olympics is rather like war...95% twiddling your thumbs and 5% all out action ... rather like flat stages of modern 3 week tours.

With the venue structures becoming so engineeringly possible and a seemingly new sports added every games I suggest to the games organising folk (I am sure that they are waiting for my call) the building of an outside ice velodrome.

Of course how to smooth the ice after each event I leave to them to ...this will give the Dutch more medals. And track racing events are easily transferred to the ice eg a 4000 metre team pursuit. At 6400 metre the mass start speed skating was way too short.

Find a frozen lake and have a circuit that has left and right hand corners and a field of 100, giving countries like Somalia, Costa Rica and Vietnam a chance at Olympic glory.

Of course the ultimate test would be new events going against gravity..a running time trail up the bob sleigh/luge course (bare footed should  keep the crowds happy ) and while that is going on the bob sleighs could be headed down the ski jump.

As for the figure skating how about a simple how many spins of 360 can you do before you fall over event.

Then finally how about wearing the curling stones Look pedal style for a 3000 metre steeplechase with height of  the hurdle 30 water jump but a pit of burning coals to clear.

Roll on 2022.