I read recently that the Harley Davidson was cutting production of its motor bikes.

On a US television news channel I watch, the story was covered and an interview with a dealer made interesting repercussions for our own industry. He said that the generations that purchased the iconic motor bike were literally dying off and it was now the turn of the baby boomer generation to join them.

He also said the next generation lacks the macho attitude that Harley Davidson had built its image on.

About 20 years ago the first MAMIL's, mostly baby boomers, hit the road. Flushed with cash..they hit the road giving the industry at the high end a surprise boost, but despite the health benefits of cycling these MAMIL's cannot live forever and too like the mammoth are going to that great Gran Fondo in the sky and leaving behind a void to fill.

The would be next generation of would be MAMIL's is being neutralised by outside events. Will the high end of our industry go full circle and be left to the racing fraternity to fund?